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Prologue to The Journey of Two Lost Souls


Hello and welcome to Tested by Fire (formerly Weathered Cloud).  My name is Stephen Losh and this introductory page is meant to also serve as a summary for a 17-page letter I wrote back in July 2021 to a local Catholic priest.  The full, redacted letter is i...

Agape Love
Unconditional Love
Catholic Mass
God's Mercy
God's Grace
Jehovah's Witness
Holy Souls
Virgin Mary
Jesus Christ
Our Father

The Journey of Two Lost Souls


All information in the following page is based on a true story.  The contents are from a letter that I sent to to a local Catholic priest on Monday, July 12, 2021.  To this date, I have not spoken with the priest in any depth about the letter but he did say ...

Journey into the Epilogue


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read the "Journey of Two Lost Souls".  My hope and prayer is that it brought some peace to your day.  For the best experience, please click play on the video above for some incredibly moving vocals and ins...

Closing Prayer


Here is my gift to you for making it to the end of my book, "The Journey of Two Lost Souls" 🫠. Thank you!  And may God bless you, your family, your extended family(s), your friends, your enemies and all of humanity.  ALL of God's children regardless of reli...

Ruthie's Favorite Songs


[Sunday, April 3, 2022] I recalled this weekend that one of Ruthie's favorite "Whitesnake" songs (recall the Rock band name I mentioned in The Journey of Two Lost Souls letter) from back in the late 80s was the song "Looking for Love."  When I listened to th...

Credit where Credit is Due


#1 My Beautiful, Amazing, Wonderful, Loving Wife What else can I say?  She's the joy of my life.  My anchor that keeps me grounded.  The love of my life.  She's my everything.  Beautiful inside and out.  Thank you for being so patient with me over thi...