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Prologue to The Journey of Two Lost Souls




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Hello and welcome to Tested by Fire (formerly Weathered Cloud).  My name is Stephen Losh and this introductory page is meant to also serve as a summary for a 17-page letter I wrote back in July 2021 to a local Catholic priest.  The full, redacted letter is included on the next page of this book and I would just ask that you please read it with an open mind and open heart.  It is a bit lengthy so please feel free to set it aside if you need to and come back to it at a later time to finish reading it.  My sincere hope and prayer is that you might just find it worthwhile.

🧡 Update: [Friday, 18/November/2022] This book is now officially "closed".  I had originally planned to keep developing it as my primary website.  But, after much thought and prayer, I have made the now easy decision to only add new content to a second domain that I registered a few months ago called "".  It's not online yet, but it will be soon (relatively) at which point I'll change the quoted text to a clickable link that will take you directly to the new website.  In the meantime, please continue reading below and then visit the next page in this book, The Journey of Two Lost Souls (First Letter to the Catholic Priest); however, if you're not comfortable - or even feel a bit "put off" - by the subject matter below, please feel free to skip ahead a few pages to the Second Letter to the Catholic Priest page in this book.  Even though that title includes the word "Catholic" in it, I promise you, even non-Catholics can appreciate the painful, woeful state I was in just this past Monday, 14/November/2022, that led me into adding that page in the first place.  I've discovered the hard way just how divisive the subject of Purgatory can be to many, many people so I pray that you won't just stop here as a result.  Thank you - Stephen Losh

🧡 Update: [Tuesday, 15/November/2022] Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction and quick summary of what is now becoming less and less of a percentage of what the site is about.  I told my wife several months ago that I didn't want to be known as [just] "that Purgatory guy."  I still fully believe that what happened last summer was real, but the more recent content I've been adding to the site is becoming much more about broader topics including "the three" central tenets that Jesus Christ spoke about - Faith, Hope and Love.  Thank you, and God Bless!

For me personally, the answer to that question is a sincere "Yes."  Why you may ask?  Because as the letter goes into great detail explaining, Ist-gertrude-prayer.jpeg was given an opportunity to help out a dear friend of mine who found herself in just that situation.  She died several years ago but I personally believe something was holding her back from "moving on" to the other side.  And by means discussed in the letter, along with - first and foremost - God's tremendous grace and mercy, I believe God allowed her to exit Purgatory early and enter into Heaven last summer (2021) as a result.

Obviously, your own interpretation may differ greatly from mine.  And please believe me, I'm not trying to convince anyone that they themselves have to believe that what I’ve written down is true.  It was very real to me but I definitely understand that others may not arrive at the same conclusion.  My hope and prayer is simply that by means of sharing this story with others - with you - that it might bring some hope and peace into at least one person’s life that might be needing it about now.

For others, that perhaps your eyes might be opened to other possibilities than when death comes knocking, that that's it and there’s nothing else.  That even after death, there just might be something more.  Something much more.

Stephen Losh
Faith.  Hope.  Love.
While the greatest of these is Love, what the world needs right now is Hope.

🔥 1 Corinthians 3:13 🔥
Each one's work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done.


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