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Our Lady ... Mary Untier of Knots




In honor of today being the feast day set aside by the Catholic Church for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Monday, 15/August/2022 - I have decided to create this page and at least temporarily set it as the main home page for the site.

About two weeks ago, my family and I took a vacation to Sante Fe, New Mexico and visited a parish called St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.  One morning while walking the grounds, my wife and I noticed a statue along the walkway titled "Mary Untier of Knots."

I didn't really think too much about it at the time but I did remember reading something a good while back about that title being given to Mary but I had no idea what the backdrop was behind the devotion associated with it.  Rather than try to re-explain something that's already been described in a quite elegant form, I'll just include a picture of a prayer card that I ran across by someone on Twitter yesterday.


So, now my question is I wonder if "untier or knots" might also apply to Mary assisting us at times when we sometimes find ourselves stuck in what I like to call [negative feedback] "loops"?  Those types of situations where things can become so stifling for us and overwhelming that we can't seem to find the "trees for the woods" so to speak.  Those times we almost don't even realize that we're in that state before it's too late and can't even realize what's even happened even though it's often not the first time we've found ourselves in the same or at least a similar type of "rut."

The only reason I mention this is that is if you happen to continue to the next page linked at the end of this page as well as the next page following that (the "Journey of Two Lost Souls" link), you might notice that about three weeks ago I added a section of highlighted text with a green background that starts off with "🔥 [Early Summer 2022] 🔥" where I talked about just that type of scenario.

Anyway, if that happens to interest you, I would highly encourage you to continue reading this web-based "book" of sorts by following the link to the next page below.

Thank you.

Stephen Losh
Faith.  Hope.  Love.
While the greatest of these is Love, what the world needs right now is Hope.

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