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Credit where Credit is Due


#1 My Beautiful, Amazing, Wonderful, Loving Wife

What else can I say?  She's the joy of my life.  My anchor that keeps me grounded.  The love of my life.  She's my everything.  Beautiful inside and out.  Thank you for being so patient with me over this past year.  Love you sweetie!

#2 Dan Brown

My second credit goes out to Dan Brown, the inventor, designer and developer of BookStack (  Dan is the man who had the incredible vision to create the software that this site runs on.  Thanks Dan!  When I sent you that DM a while back with I a few technical questions that you got back with me on almost immediately and I told you that I considered BookStack to be a "Godsend", I wasn't using that word lightly.  I was being literal if you couldn't already tell based on the content of this site 🫠.  May God bless you Dan for creating such an incredibly easy to use yet powerful as all get out piece of Wiki software that runs oh-so-well on self-hosted Linux servers with bare minimum server specifications.

#3 All the Heavenly Hosts who have helped guide me on this journey

I know that's a rather broad brush stroke, but seriously, there's absolutely no way this site would ever happened without the help of...

  • The One Almighty God, Jehovah (Yes, I still call my Father in Heaven "Jehovah" from my days as a Jehovah's Witness growing up)

  • Jesus Christ His Son, My Savior and my Salvation, my "Great Teacher" (also a term from my days as a Jehovah's Witness) - more to come (last updated 22/July/2022)
  • The Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit of God is Awesome!  And Powerful!  He spreads His "Wings" as far as the East is from the West ... and from North to South ... and all points in between and yet, somehow ... some way ... He also lives within our body's sacred, spiritual "temple".  The Holy Spirit doesn't ask for our worship or our praise, He just asks for us to simply honor Him.  That's all!  Talk about the ultimate example of humility!  The Holy Spirit of God, the third Person in the divine Trinity, is Who keeps this universe running.  He stretches His majesty across the fabric of space and time ... and yet He still finds the time to pray for us - each one of us individually - as I mentioned in "the letter", in "utterances that we do not understand." (Romans 8:26).  Hey, Quantum computing geniuses, try to beat that!

  • Mary, Mother of our Savior - more to come (last updated 22/July/2022)
  • St John the Evangelist (my Patron Saint) - the saint who I selected while going through the Rights of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) before being "received" into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil of 2013 - more to come (last updated 22/July/2022)

If you believe you benefited from what you've read on this site - or if you know someone who you believe might - would you please pass the word along to them?  Posting the URL “” and a quick summary/synopsis of what you thought about the experience to your Facebook friends, communities, Twitter posts, Instagram and/or others would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you - Stephen